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Booking terms

Booking Terms and conditions for cancelling the reservation in our hotel.

In case of cancellation or modifying the reservations, please contact the hotel manager on the phone or send an e-mail, not later than 72 hours before the arrival date.If within that time the hotel had not received the confirmation of a modifyed or cancellation of the reservation, we will apply the following penalties:

1. In case of cancellation of the reserve for 72 hours or more before arrival, the reservation is canceled for free.
2. In case of cancellation less than 72 hours will be charged the equivalent cost of the first night.
3. In the midst of the summer season, holidays and weekends (from 15th of June to 15th of September, Christmas and Easter holidays, as well as fairs and local events) will be charged 100% fee for the entire period of your booking.

Accommodation rules.

1. Check-in: regimented time of arrival and registration from 14:00 to 00:00, in case you will arrive later, we recommend you to inform the hotel manager in advance.If the hotel is not informed of late arrivals, taking into account current legislation, reservations may be canceled.

Departure: Check-out time before 12:00, if you plan to leave the hotel later check out time, ie after 12:00, we recommend you contact the hotel manager.

2. Special conditions for the accommodation of children. Children under 3 years old can be accommodated for free, a maximum of two children in a room with one or two adults.If you want to have a service of children’s beds, please specify this when booking as the hotel has a limited number of units.Children from 3 to 12 years can be accommodated, the maximum one in the room, with one or two adults, with an extra bed.The cost of an extra bed 20 euros per day.